Life as a Family of Four

You guys! This post has been a LOOOOOONG time coming!


Life has been both amazing and exhausting. Vivienne has made it pretty easy on us by having a good night time sleep routine pretty much since we brought her home. Aside from having to wake her every 2 hrs in the beginning to feed her in the first month. We now get a solid 12-14 hrs of sleep depending on how the day goes. She is going to be 6 months in a few days! I just can’t believe how fast this time with her in our family has gone by!

Easton adores his baby sister and walks around calling her “my baby”. We have to constantly let him know that he doesn’t need to always smother her in kisses, especially when she is napping. He is so great with her and helps me out more than I imagined he would ever do.

We have found that managing two kiddos isn’t so bad. You just roll with it, just like when the first was born. Yes there are new challenges when it comes to caring for both kids and managing time wisely to ensure both get the attention they need. I am learning very quickly sometimes you just have to set the baby down and let her cry so that your oldest doesn’t start to feel left out.

Easton is our first born and the first grandchild for both sides of our family. Therefore, he is very spoiled with attention from everyone. It’s been an adjustment for him having to share the attention with his sister. It doesn’t take his love for her away in the slightest but he does let us know when he’s getting frustrated from the lack of attention.

I have to admit, even though most days are great I have moments where I feel very overwhelmed. Jake as been so busy with work that he is often times not getting home till late, leaving me with the kids all day by myself. I’ve had quite a few melt downs that required him coming home from work to help me out. For example, when we were potty training Easton *insert eye roll here* I was so stressed the first few days that we were potty training! Imagine toddler running to you every 2 minutes saying he has to potty while you are trying to feed the baby.

Our potty training experience has it’s own little blog post so I will stop here for now. You gotta come back and find out more!


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