Our New Family Portraits

Every year, 1-2 times a year, we have our family portraits taken.

I usually prefer spring and fall to book our sessions. I knew, When Viv was 6 months old we needed to update our family portrait canvas in the foyer of our home. Btw, she is almost 10 months old now and we JUST FINALLY got them done for our “Spring” session and its August.

Funny how plans don’t go exactly the way you expect.  I have a few friends who are amazing photographers that I like to go to. It makes it difficult to choose when I love them all. Lately though, I’ve been working a lot with my talented friend Janell. Her skills have grown immensely since she first started only a year ago! This girl is a natural talent and she has the drive to continuously learn and fine tune her skills. Recently, we finally were able to match up our schedules and the weather cooperated just enough that we were able to have our photos taken.

I AM IN LOVE with all of the little previews she’s been posting of our session! I can’t wait to see them all so I can narrow down my prints and the new canvas for our entry way. I have a feeling it’s not going to be easy. Here are some of the previews she has posted! I will update soon once I have the rest of the images. I’m just so happy about these, I HAVE TO SHARE! Also, Let’s not even get started on the photos she took at the sunrise shoot we did as well! Those will be shared soon 🙂


notice how my son wanted nothing to do with cooperating with photos? Yep… don’t let your kids nap in the car before a photo shoot! Unless they are Viv… she’s always happy.



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  • Chandelene Steyn

    What a special thing to do!! We do photos once a year and I always treasure them! Beautiful photos – you are such a stunning family!

    • Kim

      I’m usually the one photographing everything and I wish my husband would grab his phone for random photos but realistically it’s not likely for him to even think “hey that would be a great photo!” so I like to have our photos done frequently so I can be in them too 🙂

  • Cindy Hemming

    These are such sweet pictures! What a beautiful family! Your photographer did a great job!

    • Kim

      Thank you! She did such a wonderful job!

  • T-Nicole Johnson

    Your family portraits turned out so nice. Such a beautiful family.

    • Kim

      Thank you! <3

  • Your photos are gourgeous. I am a stickler for updated photos lol. I like to see my kids progression

  • Luz Tijerina

    These are all so beautiful & I am in love with your dress. I also love how you’re just hanging out like a typical family day, these type of pics are the best.

    • Kim

      Thank you! Lifestyle sessions are my favorite. I’m not big on super posed images