Pregnancy Is A Beautiful Thing | Kim Schepperley Photography

You will hear a lot of things about pregnancy before you experience it for yourself. One of them being that pregnancy is beautiful!

Well, It is… If you look at it in a way that you are creating another life in form of a cute little baby!

I am truly excited about my pregnancy and every time I feel my little one kick (as they are not too strong yet) I smile and think to myself how I can’t wait to meet this precious little baby in four more short months!

However, there is a not so glamorous side to being pregnant.

1. First trimester- If I wasn’t eating I was puking. ALL DAY LONG. Who ever called this issue Morning Sickness lied… It’s more like ALL DAY sickness. If you are one of the unlucky few you deal with this issue through out your entire pregnancy. Mine began at 5 1/2 weeks and didn’t end till almost 16 weeks. I cursed the names of those that told me by 12 weeks I would be back to normal… I finally believed after that, every pregnancy is different. One of my best friends is 3 weeks behind me in her pregnancy and I’ve been cursing her name for awhile. She never got morning sickness! Maybe a few times she was nauseous but she definitely wasn’t trapped in the bathroom like I was, praying to the porcelain gods.

2. No matter how many kegals you do, you will still wet yourself… Sneezing, laughing too hard, or even when little one decides he/she is going to karate chop or kick you straight on your bladder.

3. Since we are already on the subject of having to pee, let me tell you…you will live in your bathroom. If you aren’t in there from the nausea, you will be in there at least every 5 min. Even throughout the night… I think this is nature’s way of preparing us for long sleepless nights.

4. Acid Reflux…..that’s all I have to say about it. This started yesterday for me.

5. Farting… yes… I said it…. farting… <–there I said it again… We have officially dubbed this unattractive issue as baby farts. It’s terrible! I have never been so gassy in my life! I’m surprised my husband still finds me attractive! At any given moment I will have a baby fart, loud or silent, but always very smelly! I’ve even stunk myself out of my own bed…a few different times. It’s embarrassing too when you are at your gender scan and you are with all your strength trying not to fart in the ultrasound tech’s face when she has you roll over to try and get the baby to move. <—yes that really happened.

*UPDATE* Husband has renamed my derriere the “WMD” !  Yes…embarrassing!

Pregnancy IS beautiful… but don’t be disappointed when you experience the not so beautiful side of it. Every time you feel your baby move, kick, punch or when you see your little one on the ultrasound screen bouncing around, you will forget all the not so fun parts of your pregnancy and fall more and more in love. As much as I love Baby B already, I’m curious to know what is going to happen when I finally get to hold him in my arms and see what a beautiful baby my husband and I created…. even though I did all the hard work 🙂


What are your not so attractive preggo moments? Comment below!



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