Pregnancy Is A Beautiful Thing | Part 2 | Kim Schepperley Photography

Going on 26 weeks, it doesn’t surprise me anymore that I am sitting here about to reveal some more not so glamorous changes your body goes through during pregnancy.

Just recently, at my most recent appointment with my OB, they weighed me… I wanted to die when I saw the number on the scale. Never in my entire life have I weighed sooooo much! I’m a whale! Luckily my OB, just smiled his handsome smile and told me that it is because baby is healthy and pretty much just water weight that I would lose most of it once Baby B arrives.  P.S. on a good note we have decided that all the weight has gone straight to my boobs. Let’s just hope they don’t get too much bigger…. they may pop!

Speaking of water weight… I’m swollen all over! Especially my poor feet! My husband made fun of me when I complained about my “Cankles and Sausage toes” I already have foot phobia… I think they are disgusting!

With all the scary changes you go through with pregnancy there are perks.

My favorite?


Our place has never been so clean! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m the kind of person who cleans my house top to bottom 20 min before guests arrive. If I’m lucky motivation will come a day or two before.  Otherwise, our place is a disorganized wreck!

Since I’ve began my nesting phase (which has only been a couple weeks) I am constantly cleaning EVERYTHING. I already have most of our place packed up for our move soon!

Another perk is when you get a couple of your registry items delivered to your door! We recently received our Jogger stroller so you can imagine I made my husband put it together right away so I can push it around our apartment. Funny thing is my dog immediately thought it was for him so naturally he jumped in and let me push him around our place!

Our Nursery furniture has also been ordered so I can’t wait for it to arrive! Obviously it will be a couple more months before we can set it up but oh wells!

I will post photos once we have our nursery set up with details of where we got all our decor, furniture, etc.

So to end this post, here is a photo of Thor in Baby B’s Jogger Stroller….





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