My 21 Day Fix Journey | Day 21

I made it!

Day 21 and I made it through each day!

Before I tell you all my results from this first round with 21 Day fix, I want to touch on a few things.

First and foremost, to those that entered my teeny tiny space of the internet and read my posts about my journey so far, THANK YOU! Knowing there were people out there keeping up with my progress helped me stick with it. There were plenty of days that I would think that if I just skipped or quit then it wouldn’t be an issue. Then I remembered how many people were actually reading up on my journey and immediately felt guilty.

I learned really quickly through the last 3 weeks about the difference between how I feel and what I would see on the scale. Some days, what I saw on the scale determined how I felt.

My weight fluctuated daily. Yes, I did weigh myself everyday. I probably shouldn’t have but it helped me in a way. It tracked my body weight along with my body fat%, so I really kept a closer eye on what my body fat % was doing. It helped me on days that I wanted to eat anything and everything bad for me and too much of it. I wasn’t perfect with the nutrition side of this program. I say nutrition instead of diet, because it’s not a diet. You eat…you eat a lot. 3 meals 3 snacks daily… You’d be surprised at how much you are supposed to eat even though you are portion controlling your meals.

I was asked by several people if this program was easy. I had a hard time answering each one because I didn’t exactly know what their idea of easy was.  This program works you. It’s by no means easy because it’s meant to help you reach your weight loss goals. However, It is easy when you are a mom like me and wanting to workout but often times find yourself with not enough time. With this program you can throw that excuse out the window and make time. I used naps during the day or even if he was still awake I would bring out some of his toys to keep him entertained even though 99% of the time he had fun being my trainer and being my workout buddy. The workouts are no more than 30 min long.

The last day was definitely tough. We were invited to a friend’s for a bbq so I wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to options of what to eat. I knew it wouldn’t be too bad because they eat pretty healthy. I luckil’y stuck to my goal and came out of there fine… I did enjoy a few glasses of wine though.

If I stuck to this nutrition program perfectly I wonder what my results what have been, but at the same time I am very happy with the change in my body. I have no regrets ….minus that key lime pie from Saturday… My stomach ached so badly after eating that. Not worth it.

Anyway I’m pretty sure you are ready to see my results!

Drum roll please….

Here is the before

Here is the before

Ready for the after?



I lost a total of 10 lbs 9.5% body fat and 20 inches!  As far as my weight loss, I’m not too concerned because I continued to shed the body fat and inches. I am so excited to see what round 2 will do for me.

Which begins today!

Wish me luck!

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