My 21 Day Fix Journey |Day 5 Of Week 3

Hey Guys!

So today is the 5th day of week 3! There are only 2 more days left of my first round with 21 day fix and I am amazed by my results! I picked my sister up from the airport today and to my surprise the first comment out of her mouth…other than “He’s soooooo stinking cute!” (referring to my son) was “I can tell you’ve lost weight! You look great!”  Yes… I finally got to hear someone tell me they noticed a difference! I think it helps since she lives across the country, she doesn’t get to see me all to often… Not that it matters… I think she told me on the phone pending this trip that she couldn’t wait to see her nephew… Never once did she mention she couldn’t wait to see her older sister.

So I just finished today’s Cardio Fix, and I pretty much almost threw up my lunch… I pushed myself to do more of the workouts unmodified. I’m pretty sure I will be regretting it tomorrow when I am completely sore. So worth it though.

I debated on when and if I was going to do my workout…I caught myself trying to make excuses that since my sister is visiting I can just push the workout off until later… It was an internal battle with myself, but I beat those pesky devilish self conscience off my shoulders and decided that I better get it out of the way. I am so glad I did!



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