My 21 Day Fix Journey |Round 2 Week 1

This week was tough! I blame the weekend! I did eat relatively healthy but I cheated more than I probably should have. Here is my thing though, I am a food lover. I love good food. Even if it’s not super healthy. I also believe in moderation. I don’t believe in depriving myself of something that I love. I have one life to live and I want to live it healthy AND happy.

We just got home from a long weekend spent at the cottage. My son got to go on his first boat ride and he even got to captain the boat and he loved every second of our weekend away.

That being said, I’d like to thank the service men and women who have fought and continue to fight for our freedoms to enjoy the luxuries that we got to this weekend.

I had a plan that this past weekend would be a breeze to stick to my workouts and healthy eating. I was wrong! I sabotaged myself by forgetting to pack my workout dvds  and forgetting there is no internet at the cottage.

I did however walk a lot and stayed pretty active throughout the weekend to make up for it.

Before I post food, I decided I will post my meals and recipes on instagram! follow me at @kimschepperley

So here are a few of things I ate during week.

21 day fix mealsAt the beginning of the week, I had some ground sirloin that I had to use before it went bad so I premade taco meat! I made my own taco seasoning from scratch. I don’t really measure the seasonings that go into it but I’ve found a couple recipes that are very similar to what I use Here & Here

The first thing I made for dinner was the stuffed bell pepper I just took some of the taco meat then added some fresh diced tomatoes to it and cooked it together. Once it was heated through I stuffed the bell pepper and sprinkled a bit of cheese on top then I broiled it till the cheese melted… I don’t like my bell peppers cooked to mush.. I like them to still have a crunch to them.


Next I made a Tuna salad for lunch and I added some peg leg pete’s hot sauce for some spice.

There is also a fajita Tostada, and Chicken Tostada Pizza and last but not least just a simple taco salad in which I just used lots of bell peppers as my lettuce.

For the weekend, I ate the following, Chicken stuffed with goat cheese and sun dried tomato, with asparagus and grilled potatoes, eggs benedict, perch, macaroni salad, and side salads. Not the greatest but not too bad either…

Oh and don’t let me forget to mention the pumpkin pie and triple berry apple pie.

Here are my weekly results totals: (these include total results from round 1 as well)

I’ve lost a total of 11 lbs

So apparently I was reading my log incorrectly when I reported losing 10% body fat… it was actually 10lbs of body fat so the accurate total for my body fat % is 4.5% body fat currently lost. Still amazing!

21 day fix before and after

So anyway… because of how well this has been working for me I decided to become a Beachbody Coach. I will start hosting challenge groups for those of you who are interested after I get through round 2. So if you are someone that wants to be apart of a group that will help you stay on track with your 21 day fix journey contact me If you still need to purchase your copy of 21 Day Fix or you’d like to check out anything else Beachbody has to offer go here.


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