My 21 Day Fix Journey | Week 1

Talk about SORE! All week long! I don’t think a day has gone by when some part of my body/ whole body didn’t feel sore.

Today is Recovery day, so I went for a walk with my son and dog and I will end the day with Yoga Fix.

All in all I feel great! (and I said that in the Tony the tiger tone) I feel better than I’ve felt in a very long time. I am more motivated, and I have noticed that even on days I felt like a greasy burger or bag of chips sounded more appetizing… I always still went with healthier options and they were delicious.

Portion control comes easily to me because I had to do it while I was pregnant with my son. I had gestational diabetes and because of being at a higher risk now at getting type 2 diabetes I’ve been continuing with watching my portions.

In this first week, I’ve lost 4lbs, 2% body fat & a total of 7 inches! (2 of them off my waist!)

I think it’s hard to tell but hubby says he can see the difference so I’ll let you decide yourself.



Left : Before Right: After 1 week


Left: Before Right: After 1 week


Left: Before Right: After 1 week



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