My 21 Day Fix Journey | Week 2

So I made it through week 2! Yes that is a huge deal for me! Every time I started my journey I quit after week 1 if I was lucky 2 days if I was just making excuses for myself.

So this week went surprisingly well. For my meals, I kept it easy and would have Shakeology for Breakfast, Grilled chicken or Tilapia Salad for Lunch, & Salad or a healthy version of whatever I craved. Such as Pizza!

So Shakeology… It really does taste good. Just don’t brush your teeth before you have yours… IT IS DISGUSTING if you do. I made that mistake once.  I like adding a tablespoon of Almond butter and/or banana to mine. Delicious! Or plain is good too.

Salads can get pretty boring when you eat it EVERY day. So I mix it up by adding different veggies and dressing.

I love love love Ranch.. so much I could probably drink it… not the pre made hidden valley stuff but that buttermilk dressing you get from mom and pop places where you can tell they make it from scratch ranch… which is also VERY VERY VERY bad for you. Well a friend has a recipe for a Chipotle Buttermilk Ranch so I decided to try it.  I made a few substitutions of course. I used greek yogurt instead of sour cream, and I left out the chipotle. However, I think next time I make it, I won’t skip out on that.  Did you know that 2 tablespoons of the ranch I made is only about 29 calories? Amazing right!

Here is the deal guys… For some reason the cups confuse me more than counting calories. I’m still getting results and I am basically just portion controlling that way… I also consider how much carbs, fat, protein I consume as well.

Now lets get on the topic of pizza. Your probably thinking how is that possible when pizza is so bad for you? Cauliflower crust pizza! It’s surprisingly DELICIOUS! Even my 10 month old loved it! I got the recipe from pinterest here . I just left out the red pepper flakes.

Work outs are still hard but I can tell how much stronger I’ve become since starting this journey. When I first began, I pretty much had to modify almost everything. Now I am doing the more advanced versions of the work out with only a few modifications on some. I still can’t do push ups, but I can tell I’m getting better 🙂

I will always feel like push ups are the devil!

Even my son got into working out with me!


Ready for my week 2 results!

So far I’ve lost 10lbs 10 1/4 inches and 4.5% body fat!

How amazing is that! I can’t wait to see what this 3rd week has in store for me! I do plan to do another couple rounds to get my body to where it needs to be but with round 2 I will be adding Piyo to the mix.


*UPDATE* If you have any questions about what I am doing, or what my meals are like, or any questions at all feel free to ask away!

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