Post Baby Fitness Journey | Weeks 1 & 2

Since my before post, I’m still finding it difficult to stick with my promise to myself.

I am still attending Orange Theory, however I’ve only gone one day each week! This is very disappointing since I’m paying for two days each week. This is a new week and I have both days scheduled! I will go both days as well! NO EXCUSES.

I do still have results to share with you as well as a brief idea of how I’ve been doing nutrition wise.

I have to learn to walk before I can run right?


Left Image 5/8 Right Image 5/22

You will notice there isn’t a lot of change from my photo two weeks ago and today. I did still get results though! <3

I lost 3.8lbs and 1 1/2 total body inches (1 inch of my armsĀ  & .5 off my chest)

I am thrilled for the results I did receive considering I still have yet to really dial in my nutrition!

I don’t know if it’s nursing or what but I crave sweets 24/7 so that is what I am having a difficult time portion controlling.

Check back in a couple weeks to see if I do better than I did these past two!





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