A Mission To Recreate The Best Piña Colada I’ve Ever Tasted

In February, My best friend Helena and I met up in Pensacola Florida for a girls weekend courtesy of my sweet hubby. It was a much needed weekend away to relax and eat some of the best food as well as the best Piña Coladas I’ve ever tasted!

Our first evening in Pensacola, we decided to go to Peg Leg Pete’s for dinner. Greatest CHOICE EVER!  They really set the tone for the rest of our trip.  It’s always amazing how much food can really impact your idea of a place. We waited about a half hour to be seated. As hungry as we were, we decided we would just be patient, and boy did our patience pay off. The food was incredible! Then…there are the piña coladas!  I’m not exactly 100% sure how they make theirs but I will say that it was not a premade mix.

(UPDATE: Shockingly their piña coladas did in fact come from a premade mix….however the company that supplies their mix uses only the freshest ingredients!)

Since coming home, I’ve been craving this delicious frozen concoction, but more specifically Peg Leg Pete’s Piña Colada. I began my search on google to find a from scratch recipe that would match theirs.  I think I found it! Sort of… I had to add one more ingredient to get it as close as possible… Now, I will share this recipe with you!

Pina Colada2


2-3 oz of White Rum ( I used Bacardi, but I’m sure any white rum will work)

2-3 oz of Creme of Coconut (Not Coconut milk… there is a total difference)

3-4 oz of Pineapple juice

2-3 oz of Coconut Milk


Pineapple & Maraschino Cherries for Garnish (I used toasted coconut chips)

Fill blender with ice then add all ingredients, blend, garnish and enjoy and don’t forget to comment with your opinions on this yummy beverage!

If you changed the recipe a bit, what did you do differently? I’d love to try it your way!


Pina Colada

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  • Sarah M

    Looks delicious! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip next week xo Sarah

    • kschepperley

      It is soooo yummy! Looking forward to hearing about your trip as well!