Friday Favorites

*This post contains affiliate links. All products listed are purchased by myself and not given to me for my thoughts and opinions. I am only posting products I use and love at my own discretion. Not an ad.



Hellooooo, Friday! I’ll admit, after a busy week like this one, I am happily welcoming the weekend. before I dive into full relaxation mode, I am sharing a few of my favorite things! Here we go…


  1. You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life– This book is AHHHHHHmazing! Jen is hilarious and she makes so many valid points. Definitely a great personal development book! I highly recommend it.
  2. Vital Proteins Pasture-Raised, Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides (20 oz)–  I work out a lot and the workouts I do can be pretty intense. I also like having healthy hair, skin, and nails. I add a collagen supplement daily to help aid in joint health as well as keeping my hair, skin, and nails pretty.
  3. Monat Hair Spray & Dry Shampoo- When Easton was born I started experiencing hair breakage really bad. So my friend introduced me to Monat hair care. I was skeptical as it is a product sold by network marketing. I wanted so badly to hate it but in the end loved the products so much I still use it 3 years later. I love that the hair spray gives a lasting hold without making my hair crunchy! The dry shampoo is my bestie! It’s the only dry shampoo I’ve found that doesn’t leave build up in my hair and actually makes it look fresh and smells amazing!
  4. Iphone 8 – So I am not one to upgrade my phone every time a new one is released. I had my last phone for 3 years and it was starting to go. I was just at a point of needing to replace it so I got the 8. Why did I not wait for the X? Because I don’t care for it so much and I just need a phone that works.
  5. Lipsense- I LOVE LIPSENSE! Yes I am signed up as a distributor but I am not actively selling the product… but I do use it religiously. If i’m being honest, I HATED it at first. It burned my lips, and didn’t stay put. Not a fan. I was told to continue using it and The burning sensation would go away and it would start lasting longer. Well they were right! Now it’s my go to lip product for the day. My favorite color is Sassy Z!
  6. Zipfizz- I was swindled into making the purchase of this stuff by one of those sweet Costco sample ladies! Now I am hooked! This stuff is so good and I’ve even replaced my normal preworkout with this because it tastes so good and doesn’t leave me feeling jittery at all!
  7. Jane Iredale Brow Pencil- I went to Sephora to buy a new brow pencil and was told of the supposedly great and popular option. The guy even it made my brows look super pretty with it so I bought it… Not realizing it was a total piece of crap until I needed to sharpen it and it just kept breaking off  until there was none left to sharpen. *insert annoyed face here*. I was back on the hunt for a brow pencil and was going to just go buy a tried and true one when I came across this beauty! I LOVE IT! like everything else I’ve posted, Its amazing! I love how thin the pencil is for creating fine hair lines as well ask getting a cleaner look.
  8. Senegence Climate Control- Can I just say how amazing this stuff is? It’s got so many wonderful uses, but it’s mainly a product used to lock in moisture for your face. We use this for sunburns, dry skin etc. It works GREAT!
  9. Lalicious Sugar Tiare Flower Hand cream-  I bought this from my nail salon that I love so much! Jeni who owns this beautiful salon always goes above and beyond for her clients and she’s amazing! She said that this is the same products used in the Bellagio spa! This is my favorite scent. Smells so clean and fresh!


Have you tried any of the products I’ve listed above? What’s your favorite?




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