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I am officially a licensed realtor!

A What? Yep! You read that right!

So what is so exciting about this? Let me tell you!

Years ago, I was approached to work with my dad’s friend as a realtor. I, in no way was anywhere near mature or ready to do so. I knew nothing of what I wanted in life, however, I’ve always been obsessed with homes whether to renovate, decorate, or just live in it.

I feel like life took me down the scenic route to get me to this point. I find myself often wondering where I’d be now if I had signed on to work with my dad’s friend. I am usually quick to remind myself that I’d probably not have gotten anywhere at that point in time, as I had no self discipline to stick to a career move like this out.

It’s frightening reading the statistics of how many realtors quit within their first year. I don’t know how my first year will go, I’m hoping that I come out on top. Sometimes, with my ever changing attitude towards things I wonder if I’m capable of ever sticking to my decisions.

What I am so excited about is that this new venture really helps roll the things I love into one. I get to help people find homes that they will love, It opens doors for me to flip homes and eventually… I will purchase my first income property (in a few years).  This blog… See now why I changed the name? I told you it would make sense! You can check out my post about the name change (HERE).

I know I will struggle to find a good balance between being a mom and a career woman but this job will also allow me to work my schedule. Yes I am realistic in that with the crazy market right now, I may have to find a last minute sitter or bring a crazy kid along to show a home. It’s all balance and as long as I don’t give up at the first road block, I know I will do just fine.

Life changing? To me, YES! 100%  So if YOU or ANYONE you know are in Michigan and need a MOTIVATED realtor, HIRE ME!




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  • Angelique Disher Dale

    How exciting! I wish you all the luck. It’s inspirational to see moms focusing on themselves and their happiness – thank you for reminding us we all should do that occasionally!

    • Kim

      Thank you so much!

  • Congrats! Such an awesome step, I am signed up to complete the realtor course middle of October (Idaho where I live requires 2 courses to be completed prior to the exam). It is such a scary step but I think with motivation and support we can have great success. Best of luck, can’t wait to read your journey & get some tips 😉

    • Kim

      Thank you! It is a scary step but definitely a worth while one!

  • Brenda

    How exciting!! I always thought that would be such a fun job!