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So this year, I didn’t decorate as much as I normally would have but I did still decorate. I love Christmas so not doing anything wasn’t an option.

It is crazy how difficult decorating is when you have a 2 1/2 year old and a new baby. It took me a 1 week to set up our tree!

I usually go out and buy a few new decorative items to add to what we already have each year but this year I haven’t done so. I guess next year I’ll have to go all out!

This year, we put our tree in front of this window in our unused family room/office/whatever you want to call it.

I would normally put it next to our fireplace in the formal room, however we are in the process of building and installing our built ins. (Another project I cannot wait to share!)

The room the tree is in now will also be undergoing a rehab soon and I can’t wait to see my design choices come together for this room!

I love having the tree in front of this window so I’m thinking after the season I might see about finding a slightly smaller tree to put here next year.

So Let’s begin the tour in the entry!

I really need to update that canvas to show we are now a family of four, and I plan to do so this summer!

Enter Easton looking for attention. As a matter of fact, he’s currently sitting under my desk as I type torturing the dog, therefore torturing me. You would think that this dog would be smart and just walk away. He’s been so annoying to me lately. Gets annoyed with Easton but just sits there and lets him continue.Anyone else notice something in the photo below?How about this one?…..His boots are on the wrong feet!So I don’t usually decorate in my Kitchen as I like it to be very clean and clutter free. I don’t usually keep much on my counter tops.

This tray is usually part of the dining table centerpiece but 1. Too lazy to wipe down the table from Easton’s breakfast. 2. Too lazy to even think about moving it back just to take photos.

I have a short window to do so before Easton the destructor comes and tears up the house and Vivienne wakes up from her nap.So yes, we do have an elf. Easton doesn’t quite understand the concept of him yet and he also doesn’t have a name yet. So our elf, every year climbs this tree and stays there.

Remember the floating shelves? We get compliments on them all the time! They definitely were a great choice when deciding what to do with that bare wall.So we got a ton of snow and last year we had bought a brand new monster of a snow blower, so naturally this year with the first big snow fall, Jake was a little excited to get to bring out the hog and clear our driveway.

Well funny story… IT WON’T START!

So after literally working on it all day trying to troubleshoot the problem, he finally admitted defeat and went to ask our neighbors if he could borrow theirs.

They were so kind in letting us use their snow blower and even sent Jake back home with delicious sweet treats!

The snowflake cookies on the left we had just made.

There were a lot more cookies but a certain sneaky 2 year old was caught stealing bites out of the other cookies.

So here we are to the formal living room. It’s not so formal but more our main family room. Until I get that other room from the beginning set up.

I didn’t go all out in this room like I normally do because like I said above, We are working on building and installing our new built ins! Which I can’t wait because then, we will finally have those ugly cords hidden from view!

So I just realized I lied above, we did buy some new Christmas decor this year! I bought us new stockings!

FOREVER I’ve been wanting to purchase pretty stockings from Pottery Barn and I kept stopping myself because I knew when I did I wanted our family to be complete.

I was worried I’d order some and then they would be discontinued, and I wanted us all to have matching stockings.

Jake was mad at me for not buying one for Thor too, but he already has a really cute one!

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