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I’ve been on a roll with my home projects lately! There are several more updates coming soon as well!

When we bought our house it wasn’t exactly what I wanted but we were getting desperate to find a home before our son was born. We bid on home after home only to be outbid. We had made an agreement that we would not get into a bidding war with anyone over a house. No matter how much we loved it. So finally after searching and coming up empty we saw our house come up on the market and we were the first to do a walk through. We made a bid on it that the sellers couldn’t refuse. You are probably thinking why would we do that if it wasn’t really what we wanted?  Well It has GREAT BONES! We wanted move in ready, something we didn’t have to do any work on other than paint. Every home we looked at that fit what we wanted if we bid on it we were quickly outbid…so then we knew we had to start looking for that diamond in the rough. This house was completely outdated unlike the homes we were looking at. Which is crazy that we spent a little more to get this house than the new constructions we offered on. It most definitely wasn’t move in ready… at least our idea of it. So the sellers accepted our offer and immediately removed their listing. We GOT A HOUSE! Well… almost. We still had the inspection and closing to get through.

In the dining space of the home which sits right between the main living area and kitchen sits this awkward buffet built right in. I liked having the extra cabinet space so we kept it, but the wall above was bare and boring. Something was missing. There were several different options that I considered but what really stuck out to me were Shanty 2 Chic’s DIY Floating shelves. I just love the look and idea of them.  It took me awhile to get a start on this affordable project because I was afraid of what it would look like after…I’m happy to say it looks amazing! I love it! We also built it with the mindset that when we do sell this home to build our forever home, the new owners can easily remove it with no damage other than a few holes from the screws holding the shelves into the studs. Which can easily be patched and painted over.  So without further ado, here are some before during and after photos!

P.S. excuse the messy workspace/basement we are STILL unpacking and getting rid of stuff and its kind just sits as unorganized junk storage until we get rid of it all.


I received comments on this photo posted somewhere else about safety glasses… This pic was STAGED… no cutting was actually happening yet 🙂


We had to make some adjustments to the plans from shanty 2 chic to add extra length to the shelves. We wanted the ends to match up with the buffet.

image4Thanks goodness for and awesome husband, there was no way I was going to be able to hang those HEAVY shelves myself!image3Words can’t express how happy I am that these shelves worked! I was so afraid it would make our house seem small, but it really completes the space.image2image1

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