New Home Kitchen Update | Renovation Nightmare

It is now January 1st 2015, and we are STILL working on our house! I finally after MONTHS of not finishing the job we started on our cabinets, hung the doors back up! All that is left to do is to finish staining and poly the drawer faces back up and add the hardware! YAY! Luckily I have the BEST father in law ever! I’ve been sick and Easton has been teething and being a bit of a nightmare compared to his normal sweet cuddly boy self so he took the drawer faces and sanded them down for me to prep them for staining!

As soon as I get those back from him I will be able to get them finished and FINALLY be able to mark cabinets off our to do list!

I feel like we are on a never ending merry go round of work we still have to do on the house. We did get very lucky when finding our home. Our house has great bones… I love the layout open yet separate for a little bit of privacy. Our “Old” House  was a totally open layout… I HATED it with a passion. Even with some of the minor changes we made to updated it. The layout was just aweful!  If someone came to our front door they could see our entire home layout in one look and know where everything was.

I think the ONLY thing I liked about our old house was the lot. It was in a sub, but the lot we were on backed up to a little back of a reserve type area that is zoned to never be built on, and had a little pond in the backyard.  If I had it my way, we would have bulldozed the house and built to suit.


Anyway, here are some photos of the progress we’ve made so far on our new home and some of our old one.

We ended up hiring a contractor to do our flooring, 1000 sqft of flooring was going to take us way too long

This is after I finally hung the cabinet doors! I’ll post another update once the drawer faces are done with better angle photos 🙂

We will also be getting new counter tops and adding a back splash. We were going to do a back splash already, but I decided to wait so that we can make sure we choose tile that looks pretty with the counter top we end up choosing.


While looking for a light fixture to put above the kitchen sink, I couldn’t find anything I liked. I just knew I didn’t want some ugly flush mount.  So for now as a place holder, I bought a pendant light! I actually kinda like it!


This was the only thing I loved about our old house no one behind us.

See how open it is? behind the section is the entry to the house… you could see everything with one look! Not only BORING but what about privacy?

I liked how I added interest to the wall with the 3 shelves but with the new house, These shelves don’t work, which is okay because I sold them almost a year ago.

Excuse the fact these are a bit out of order but here is the old house kitchen, I never realized how gross these counters are until looking at this photo.  If we weren’t already selling the house for cheap I would have added new counters in here, but once we decided to sell, I was done spending money and figured the new owners could spend their own to do whatever they wanted. We were even nice and included the tile and supplies for new flooring.

I wish I had taken a photo of this room before we ripped out the carpet. We put laminate in here which you can see the result in the above image of the living area.

The kitchen as we were prepping it for staining.



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