Our DIY Flocked Christmas Tree and Decor

I’m a tad bit late in the game with this Christmas decor post that I’ve been promising! I’m just proud that it’s up BEFORE Christmas! lol

This year, instead of having just ONE tree, We decided to put up TWO!

I love a good traditional tree, adorned with ornaments that have been gifted to us and signify some point in our lives. However, I also love a good beautiful flocked white tree as well!

So this year, we decided to add another tree.  Our house has two separate living areas so it made perfect sense to be able to enjoy a tree in each room. I also love any excuse to decorate for Christmas/winter as well!

Our original tree is pre-lit and I knew I wanted one that I could add flock to. I didn’t want to ruin the tree we have (on the off chance my project didn’t workout) so my dad gave us a spare tree he wasn’t using.  I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to proceed with my project as the tree my dad ended up giving to us is a beautiful Balsam Hill tree. I googled how to flock a tree and Balsam Hill has tips on how to do so but also has a warning that if you do this to their trees, it will void the warranty on them.

After lots of google and pinterest searching, I found a tutorial using Sno bond Flock so this is the material I ended up going with.

I ordered the flock on Amazon (Here) *Disclaimer* This is NOT an affiliate link. Just simply sharing where I purchased the material.

Once it arrived I was eager to start my project. Still, a little nervous about ruining a perfectly beautiful tree I decided to test it out on a cheap mini tree that I had  on hand. It turned out so beautiful! So right away, I set up the tree in our garage and started adding the flock to our tree.


Step 1: You spray the tree down

Step 2: Use a sifter to sprinkle the flocking to your tree. While doing so spray more water as you sprinkle the material.

repeat until you get the look and coverage that you want.

Step 3: Spray the tree again with water. Make sure to spray it down well but not so much that it makes the flock look more like goop that snow. (I was so worried about over spraying the tree that I didn’t do so enough.) Our tree sheds a bit only because I didn’t spray it down enough to activate the adhesive so at the end of the season when we start to put our decor away, I will go back and spray again and next year plan to add a bit more flock to the tree.

Step 4: Allow to dry min 24 hrs. (If you are like me, I am way to impatient for all that so I brought the tree inside after a few hours and started decorating right away. NOT recommended but I can’t stop you.)

All the ornaments I used to decorate this tree are from Hobby Lobby. Also, we do have one random ornament that I added that my husband’s grandmother made. It’s a beaded angel and we have one for each tree.


It didn’t take long for little miss to destroy the tree.So this year Easton got to name his elf. He chose to name him Jack <3This year, I wanted to put up live garland but do to being busy and lazy, I just put up the artificial garland again this year. Maybe next year!



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