Sale Melannco Moulding Shelves GE35751365
DetailsThe Melannco Moulding Shelves add a lovely touch to any wall in your home. Perfect for displaying photos, small plants, and more, these shelves can be grouped together or hung individually for added appeal.
  • An attractive addition to your home decor and also provides display space for trinkets, photo frames, and more
  • Wood construction
  • Wipe clean
  • Each shelf has a 5 lb. weight capacity
  • 5-piece set includes:
    • Two 6" L x 4" W x 1.75" H
    • Two 12" L x 4" W x 1.75" H
    • One 24" L x 4" W x 1.75" H
  • 2-piece set includes:
    • Two 16" L x 4" W x 1.75" H
  • Ceiling-mount installation with the included mounting hardware
  • Imported

    Melannco Moulding Shelves GE35751365