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Hello & Welcome

to the first official blog post as House of Heart & Soul!

It’s a new day, and a great one to introduce you to my new and more exciting blog!

So why the name change? 1. Schepperley is hard to spell and pronounce. 2. Kim Schepperley Blog was more for my photography.

When I first started this blog, it was mainly to share my work in photography with you. Over time, it has evolved into me sharing more and I wanted my blog name to really encompass what it has become.

Why House of Heart & Soul?

For those who have been following along, I have been enjoying sharing everything from our home renovation to the birth of our children, even recipes I love with you. It has become more than just a photography blog. It has become a lifestyle blog.

Another reason is a new exciting venture that I am taking on! More info on that later! When I finally let you in on this new venture, the new name will make total sense.

It’s really crazy how this name came to me. I struggled with it for awhile then out of thin air it just came to mind and really stuck! Also the domain was available and I knew right away that it was meant to be.

With this new name and this blog, I plan to share more of my life with you through my love for family, home, food & photography. If you have followed along, welcome back! If you are new, I hope you enjoy what you see! Stick around and follow me along this crazy journey of life!

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For Christmas last year, I got a Ninja Coffee Bar!


I’ve had it for about 7 months now, and I USE IT EVERY DAY.

When researching whether I wanted to get a fancy espresso machine or not, I decided to look into the coffee bar. So many friends who had it were raving so I figured it couldn’t hurt to compare the products side by side.

As I type up this review, I am trying to think of the pros and cons and all I can come up with is what I LOVE about this amazing machine!

  1. It is so easy to clean!
  2. Easy to operate and make fancy coffee shop style beverages.
  3. I can easily make a single cup or a full carafe (travel size mug, xl coffee mug, and half carafe available as well)
  4. Set a timer for it to have coffee ready for you first thing in the am!
  5. You don’t have to buy those expensive k-cups! NO MORE UNNECESSARY WASTE. ::Bonus:: you can use the coffee grounds in your garden!
  6. The specific model that I purchased comes with a thermal carafe as well as one for iced coffee. You could even make your own cold brew!


Of course one of my favorite coffee drinks to make is a very delicious copycat Caramel Maccchiato like Starbucks does.

Make sure that your Ninja Coffee Bar has the “Specialty Brew” function. If it doesn’t, that’s okay! You can still make the macchiato, you will just have to change up the measurements.

I make coffee daily now so it’s not just a pretty kitchen appliance that collects dust! (Kinda of like my Keurig did)

Do you have a Ninja Coffee Bar? What do you think if yours?


What you need for copycat caramel macchiato:

This makes a Large Mason Jar

3-6 pumps Vanilla Syrup ( I got mine from here ) Pictured I made a mistake and order caramel and that’s okay too!

I use the Starbucks Espresso Roast Coffee(Here)

Whatever Milk you prefer. I used almond milk.

Caramel Syrup


To Build:

use 3-6 pumps of the syrup ( I use 3-4)

Fill large mason jar to top with ice

fill half of the jar with milk

then place under the coffee bar. I use 2-3 small scoops of coffee.

You will now use the specialty brew function. If yours doesn’t have it, then place a mug under and use the rich brew function.

Top with caramel syrup and enjoy!









One of my really close friends and her family recently welcomed a beautiful little girl to their family.

I usually shy away from newborn photography as 1. I don’t have patience for it. 2. I am not very good at it. 3. Just don’t like to do them.

I’ve done only a handful for this reason.

I did however photograph the in hospital session. I wouldn’t necessarily call it birth photography as I wasn’t in the room for the actual delivery. Like myself and my husband when Viv was born, Kristina and Matt felt that was a more intimate private part of the birth process that they wanted to keep between the two of them.

I was however, able to document the labor process as well as the lovely moments when the rest of the family got to meet Kendall for the first time.

Although Kristina had already lined up a newborn photographer for Kendall, it fell through and I told her I could step in as long as she understood whatever I did would suck in comparison. *bites nails

Like I said above…newborn photography not my forte.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised at how well they actually turned out.

I would have to say they are my favorite to date. Considering I never was really good at them.

Anyhow, I’m so excited to share the results with you! I’m thrilled that they came out better than I imagined. I wanted more than anything for Kristina to have photos of her little girl that she could be proud of sharing with family and friends.

So here they are! I would love to know what you think (No flattery necessary… just be honest! I can handle it)

I haven’t always been very vocal about my faith. To be honest, I wasn’t vocal about it because I wasn’t very faithful. Growing up, Church wasn’t an option. My mom was very strict about making sure we were there EVERY SUNDAY. As I grew up I never felt at home at the church. Yes, I went to the same church every Sunday from the time I was born to when my mom decided it wasn’t worth the fight to drag me to church anymore. It’s not that I didn’t believe, Its that I didn’t understand. I have a hard time sitting still for a few seconds let alone an entire hour. Add in listening to someone drone on and on… I just couldn’t get myself to pay attention and would quickly lose interest. When Jake and I lived in the Chesterfield house, we went to a church not far that we actually enjoyed. Mainly in part that his mom worked for this church. The people were friendly and and I didn’t mind going. Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot to take away because as soon as it the pastor would speak my mind was in the clouds.

Fast forward to 2016…

A friend of mine asked me if I would photograph her daughter’s baptism so I agreed. The day of, I went to meet them at the church and during the service, I felt as though I was meant to be there that day. Even I think it’s crazy that I am saying this but, I felt immediately that I must keep going to this church. I had this strong feeling that I have to keep going back. That day when we came home I told my husband that we HAD to go to this church. He felt the same way. We had been searching for a church for awhile and I felt so strongly that I finally found the one.
The following Sunday, my husband and I with the kids in tow went to our first Sunday service. We knew right away that we found our Sunday place of worship and were absolutely thrilled.

Every week I feel as though each service was specifically for me. As if I am being spoken to directly.

I knew right away this is the place where we will dedicate both our children.

Why did we choose dedication vs baptism?

1st of all, it’s essentially the same thing.

2nd, we thought long and hard about our decision to have the kids dedicated and here is why.

We want to raise our kids in faith & love. We don’t want to choose for them if they want to live a life with God in their hearts. As much as we hope that is the case. We want our children to decide when they are ready to embrace God into their lives. Ultimately, we want them to come to the decision of being baptized on their own.

Since attending Kensington, I feel as though my faith in God and my relationship with him are growing stronger. I want my kids to feel this way themselves when we go to church. I don’t want to force it on them. I want THEM to want a relationship with God and it be on their own terms.


Following are the letters we wrote to the kids.



Dear Easton,

From the moment that we first looked at your precious face, we knew our lives would forever be changed. You have been such a blessing to our family in these past 3 years. We love your sweet nature, your infectious laugh and your ability to find the good and beauty in all things. You are an amazing big brother to your sister who absolutely adores you. We love watching you grow and seeing your personality develop – a personality that God knew from the start.

We hope that as you grow, you learn to celebrate the awesome gift of life – a daily reminder just how much God loves you. We can’t wait to see the adventure that unfolds in your life as you follow Jesus and grow into the man God created you to be. We promise to support you as you follow the dreams and passions that God has planted in your heart, no matter the cost. Showing you that if you trust in God and put your faith in him, all things are possible, and no obstacle too great to overcome through him.

There will be times in this life that are difficult, and as your parents we won’t always get it right, but our love for you will never diminish, only grow in its abundance and intensity.
As we dedicate you today we want to make you a few promises. First, we promise to live out our lives and faith openly in front of you, so that we can give you an honest, grace-filled example to follow. We promise to raise you in a community of friends and family, who love you with the same God-given love that we do. We believe that God has sent this village into our lives to sustain, challenge and encourage us and afford us the opportunity to do the same. We promise that as you grow and make mistakes of your own that we will have grace for you, as God has grace for us. You will hear us tell you often, “there is nothing you could do that could make us love you less.”

We are so thankful to God that you are our son, and are so blessed to be your parents. We love you so much Easton.

Mom, Dad, & Baby Vivienne





Dearest Vivienne,

Today we stand here in front of our family and friends to dedicate your life to God. Not because we feel it’s the right thing to do, but because God gifted you to us and there for you are his. He gave you to us to love and guide you and we want you to know Jesus and follow Him more than anything else in the world. We pray that we are faithful examples in your life. You have been such a joyful blessing these past 9 months with your vivacious heart and beautiful smiles. Your brother adores you and we love watching you both becoming the best of friends. As your parents, we promise to pray daily for you, we dedicate our hearts to teaching you God’s way with everything we do and say.


We pray that you will personally develop a relationship with God, that you will trust Him and look to him for guidance through the obstacles of life. We hope you remember that He is always with you, even if there are times when we cannot be. We are excited to watch you grow into the person that God intended for you to be. We know that He has so much in store for you, His plans are so much greater than anything we could ever imagine. We thank God every day for choosing us to be your parents. We may fall short sometimes and make mistakes, but through God’s grace and the help and love of our families and friends who share this day we hope you choose a life with Him and continually embrace His perfect love.

May your smile bring light and joy to others, as it has done for us since the day you arrived. We love you so much.

Mom, Dad, & Your big brother Easton

Photo Cred: Janell Raymond Photography




You guys! It has been awhile since I’ve photographed anyone but my own kids. If I’m being honest, I lost my passion for photography and basically quit. Until I photographed the Szymanski family!  Janell is a sweet friend and fellow photographer and I absolutely enjoyed our day at the park! Here are some of my favorites!









I’ve been meaning to post this for a very long time!

Vivienne was born back in October and her nursery has been complete for quite some time now.

I love the way it has turned out and I am so excited to FINALLY share it with all of you!

As I’ve said in previous posts (here & here) I didn’t want her nursery to be super theme heavy or overly pink.

I did want it to be feminine, light, and airy. That is exactly what I got.

Since the last post, you will notice only a few things have changed…

We love having Vivienne as part of our family. She is such a fun fire cracker of a little lady. She knows what she wants and will not hesitate to let us know.  She has all of us wrapped around her tiny little fingers! I love the close bond V shares with her older brother. He is already so protective of her! It’s so cute, however I feel sorry for when she is dating age!

Anyway, without further ado here is her pretty little nursery!

I am way less organized! hahaI love how this mobile really helped to complete the room!  I also love the added touch from green from the tree!  Believe it or not, it is real! I am just shocked and happy that this tree is still alive! I killed the last one! oops.Chloe the bunny makes her appearance in V’s monthly photos. I also love having the Nest cam as her baby monitor. It does have sound, you can talk or sing to her through it and the picture clarity is on point! I also love that I can check in on her from my phone from anywhere!My sweet mother in law made this little framed print for Viv and I absolutely adore the frame it’s in! Matches her room perfectly!


Since my before post, I’m still finding it difficult to stick with my promise to myself.

I am still attending Orange Theory, however I’ve only gone one day each week! This is very disappointing since I’m paying for two days each week. This is a new week and I have both days scheduled! I will go both days as well! NO EXCUSES.

I do still have results to share with you as well as a brief idea of how I’ve been doing nutrition wise.

I have to learn to walk before I can run right?


Left Image 5/8 Right Image 5/22

You will notice there isn’t a lot of change from my photo two weeks ago and today. I did still get results though! <3

I lost 3.8lbs and 1 1/2 total body inches (1 inch of my arms  & .5 off my chest)

I am thrilled for the results I did receive considering I still have yet to really dial in my nutrition!

I don’t know if it’s nursing or what but I crave sweets 24/7 so that is what I am having a difficult time portion controlling.

Check back in a couple weeks to see if I do better than I did these past two!





Hello! Thanks for checking out my newest post!

I am so excited to share with you as I embark on my newest fitness journey! Really this helps me to stay accountable so here I am, back at it again!

Check out the video posted below to learn more about my results so far!

From Top Left : Oct 4, Oct 12, Nov, Nov, Dec Bottom: Jan, Feb, March, Apr, May



So today I was going through the photos on my phone and stumbled on these two photos and it made me so happy!

So much has happened in the past week or so that I decided to stop and reflect on what makes me happy.

  1. My kiddos- Even though they love finding new ways to drive me bonkers, I love these two babes so much! My son is just a ball of energy and so much fun! He takes after his dad in so many ways and sure loves to pick on me.  My daughter is a 7 month old fireball! She has a way with keeping me on my toes.
  2. My husband- He’s my bestie <3
  3. Cooking- Cooking for my family and friends brings me so much joy! I just don’t love to clean up the mess after.
  4. Reading a really good book
  5. Shopping
  6. OrangeTheory & Beach body workouts- These are helping me to get my pre pregnancy body back!
  7. Photography- I love documenting my life and my kiddos <3
  8. Lipsense- Best lippy EVER!
  9. Alone time- Sometimes a little alone time is good for the soul. Especially when every second of my day is surround by my kids… Momma needs a break every now and then!
  10. Coffee
  11. Nice People are my kind of people
  12. Wine
  13. Visiting my family in Oklahoma
  14. Completing a new renovation project
  15. Catching up with my friends
  16. A Clean house
  17. Giving
  18. When my husband does the dishes so that I don’t have to.
  19. Peonies
  20. Netflix Marathons
  21. Mimosas
  22. Date Night with my husband
  23. A good hair day
  24. Warm weather
  25. Thinking of all that I am grateful for.


What are some things that make you happy?

You guys! If you are looking for a way to turn your favorite tote into a diaper bag or simply just organize it, look no further! I’ve been using this Totesavvy organizer from Life in play for almost a year now and I can’t imagine a way of life without it!

It literally holds everything you need! You can even fill it to the brim!  As much as I love it for every day use, I especially love it when traveling! I can fit so much in here that I can pack enough diapers, snacks, fit a brand new pack of wipes, spare outfit for a 2 1/2 year old and 6 month old, and so much more!

What I am even more excited about is that I will be able to continue using this organizer in all of my favorite totes after I no longer need to carry baby/toddler items.



I love that it fits so much but here are a few of my staples that are ALWAYS in my bag.

  1. Wallet (can’t go anywhere without my id & money!)
  2. Larabars – as a nursing mommy, I am always hungry!  These are nice healthy snacks I can grab on the go
  3. Hand Sanitizer – With all the germs and viruses that are being spread its nice to have a bit of added protection! Even though we keep getting sick! What the heck is up with that?
  4. Baby book- This is V’s favorite toy/book! It can calm her in a second!
  5. Sophie- Also V’s favorite teether. Easton didn’t like her so much when he needed a teether.
  6. Lipsense – You guys! This stuff is amazing! I’m not just saying that bc I’m a distributor. It truly is one of favorite products. Get in touch if you want to learn more!
  7. Evian Facial Mist- I love this stuff for when I need to wake up a bit and it is so refreshing especially when you need a little skin wake up call
  8. My phone
  9. Sunglasses – Maybe just maybe if I bring them a long we will have some sun! (Michigan)
  10. Rejuvinique Oil from Monat- This stuff is amazing! It has so many different uses that I will have to give it it’s own blog post.
  11. Diapers
  12. Wipes


I love this totesavvy organizer so much I decided to make this my first giveaway item!

*Edited to add* Totesavvy has been so kind as to offering my readers 20% off their purchase! Just use code: kimschepperley

*This is not a sponsored post and the giveaway is from me!


How to enter:
1. Must be following me 🙋🏽 on instagram @kimschepperley
2. “like” my post on instagram
3. Tag a friend
Best of luck! Will announce the winner on Saturday!