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You guys! This post has been a LOOOOOONG time coming!


Life has been both amazing and exhausting. Vivienne has made it pretty easy on us by having a good night time sleep routine pretty much since we brought her home. Aside from having to wake her every 2 hrs in the beginning to feed her in the first month. We now get a solid 12-14 hrs of sleep depending on how the day goes. She is going to be 6 months in a few days! I just can’t believe how fast this time with her in our family has gone by!

Easton adores his baby sister and walks around calling her “my baby”. We have to constantly let him know that he doesn’t need to always smother her in kisses, especially when she is napping. He is so great with her and helps me out more than I imagined he would ever do.

We have found that managing two kiddos isn’t so bad. You just roll with it, just like when the first was born. Yes there are new challenges when it comes to caring for both kids and managing time wisely to ensure both get the attention they need. I am learning very quickly sometimes you just have to set the baby down and let her cry so that your oldest doesn’t start to feel left out.

Easton is our first born and the first grandchild for both sides of our family. Therefore, he is very spoiled with attention from everyone. It’s been an adjustment for him having to share the attention with his sister. It doesn’t take his love for her away in the slightest but he does let us know when he’s getting frustrated from the lack of attention.

I have to admit, even though most days are great I have moments where I feel very overwhelmed. Jake as been so busy with work that he is often times not getting home till late, leaving me with the kids all day by myself. I’ve had quite a few melt downs that required him coming home from work to help me out. For example, when we were potty training Easton *insert eye roll here* I was so stressed the first few days that we were potty training! Imagine toddler running to you every 2 minutes saying he has to potty while you are trying to feed the baby.

Our potty training experience has it’s own little blog post so I will stop here for now. You gotta come back and find out more!


Easton is finally to an age were he is starting to understand helping around the house and one of his favorite things to do is help me in the kitchen.

He was so excited when I asked him if he wanted to make Christmas cookies. Viv would have made an appearance but she decided she was too sleepy to help make cookies.

We will be making more in the next few days with family so maybe then she will decide to join in on the fun <3

He had more fun eating the cookie dough. Every time I’d turn my back for 2 seconds, I’d turn back around to find him taking a huge bite out of it.

So this year, I didn’t decorate as much as I normally would have but I did still decorate. I love Christmas so not doing anything wasn’t an option.

It is crazy how difficult decorating is when you have a 2 1/2 year old and a new baby. It took me a 1 week to set up our tree!

I usually go out and buy a few new decorative items to add to what we already have each year but this year I haven’t done so. I guess next year I’ll have to go all out!

This year, we put our tree in front of this window in our unused family room/office/whatever you want to call it.

I would normally put it next to our fireplace in the formal room, however we are in the process of building and installing our built ins. (Another project I cannot wait to share!)

The room the tree is in now will also be undergoing a rehab soon and I can’t wait to see my design choices come together for this room!

I love having the tree in front of this window so I’m thinking after the season I might see about finding a slightly smaller tree to put here next year.

So Let’s begin the tour in the entry!

I really need to update that canvas to show we are now a family of four, and I plan to do so this summer!

Enter Easton looking for attention. As a matter of fact, he’s currently sitting under my desk as I type torturing the dog, therefore torturing me. You would think that this dog would be smart and just walk away. He’s been so annoying to me lately. Gets annoyed with Easton but just sits there and lets him continue.Anyone else notice something in the photo below?How about this one?…..His boots are on the wrong feet!So I don’t usually decorate in my Kitchen as I like it to be very clean and clutter free. I don’t usually keep much on my counter tops.

This tray is usually part of the dining table centerpiece but 1. Too lazy to wipe down the table from Easton’s breakfast. 2. Too lazy to even think about moving it back just to take photos.

I have a short window to do so before Easton the destructor comes and tears up the house and Vivienne wakes up from her nap.So yes, we do have an elf. Easton doesn’t quite understand the concept of him yet and he also doesn’t have a name yet. So our elf, every year climbs this tree and stays there.

Remember the floating shelves? We get compliments on them all the time! They definitely were a great choice when deciding what to do with that bare wall.So we got a ton of snow and last year we had bought a brand new monster of a snow blower, so naturally this year with the first big snow fall, Jake was a little excited to get to bring out the hog and clear our driveway.

Well funny story… IT WON’T START!

So after literally working on it all day trying to troubleshoot the problem, he finally admitted defeat and went to ask our neighbors if he could borrow theirs.

They were so kind in letting us use their snow blower and even sent Jake back home with delicious sweet treats!

The snowflake cookies on the left we had just made.

There were a lot more cookies but a certain sneaky 2 year old was caught stealing bites out of the other cookies.

So here we are to the formal living room. It’s not so formal but more our main family room. Until I get that other room from the beginning set up.

I didn’t go all out in this room like I normally do because like I said above, We are working on building and installing our new built ins! Which I can’t wait because then, we will finally have those ugly cords hidden from view!

So I just realized I lied above, we did buy some new Christmas decor this year! I bought us new stockings!

FOREVER I’ve been wanting to purchase pretty stockings from Pottery Barn and I kept stopping myself because I knew when I did I wanted our family to be complete.

I was worried I’d order some and then they would be discontinued, and I wanted us all to have matching stockings.

Jake was mad at me for not buying one for Thor too, but he already has a really cute one!

Our birth story with little miss didn’t go anything like it did with her older brother. In fact, it couldn’t have gone more differently.

You see, with Easton, I went to bed without any sign of impending labor, but woke up to contractions 4 minutes apart.  To keep this long birth story of my son short, we ended up with emergency c-section after 2 1/2 hrs of pushing.

When my husband and I decided we were ready to start trying for Baby 2, I knew right away I needed to discuss with my doctor what my chances at delivering VBAC would be.

Lucky for me Dr. W is absolutely awesome and also honest. He never got my hopes up that VBAC would be successful, but he did support me wanting to try. You see, Easton decided he wanted to arrive while Dr. W was still on vacation instead of waiting one more day for him to be back. So he couldn’t say if he thought it would be successful or not since he didn’t know how the first one went.

So the night before Vivienne decided it was time, contractions had begun at 4-5 minutes apart. I didn’t believe they were real because for weeks prior, bed time meant I was going to have braxton hicks. I would wake up each morning disappointed that I wasn’t truly in labor yet. I was very eager to meet our little princess so every sign that she might be coming, I’d get my hopes up.

I counted contractions for a little over an hour and decided to let Jake know that this could possibly be it but I wasn’t ready to go to the hospital yet so I told him to not worry and go to bed. I went to bed myself and got as much sleep as one could get while contracting every 4-5 minutes through the night. Come 7 am, I had had it. I was still contracting but still not believing it was time.

Of course my husband didn’t want to upset me by telling me he thought we should go to the hospital, he decided to call my dad and have him guilt me into calling the doctor. Of course I still waited another half hour before calling. I knew what they would say, and I wasn’t ready to go to the hospital. I was too afraid it would be a false alarm and we’d be sent home.

As I knew would happen, the doctor on call told me I should at least go get checked out just to be sure so I let my husband know we could start getting ready to go but to take his time. I knew he wouldn’t so after he showered, I took another nice long shower. I drug my feet gathering my bags and anything we needed. Jake wanted to have his parents come to our house to watch our son, but since I was so convinced we were going to be sent home I said no, and that he could go with us and should we need him picked up they can come get him from the hospital.

As we were driving, I told Jake to drive slow and asked if he could take every side street in our neighborhood before heading to the hospital. I wasn’t kidding, but he thought I was so he didn’t do that part.

We walked our way to labor and delivery, and got checked in. I, still convinced kept telling the nurse that I was probably getting sent home. Still, she had me change into a gown and started connecting me to the contraction monitor and heart monitor to see how things were going. Eventually the resident doctor came in.

Let me just say how scared I instantly became when he came in the room, I recognized him from Easton’s birth.

Why was I scared? With Easton, When we were checking in to labor and delivery, as he was walking up to the nurses station, they joked with him that he should stop going into the rooms of patients as each room he seemed to go in, the moms to be would end up with c-section! I was one of them!

So since my goal with Vivienne was to VBAC, I was a little frightened it wouldn’t be so successful.

I even mentioned to him that I recognized him but didn’t tell him why. He probably thought I was crazy.

He checked to see how far dilated I was and I was 4cm! I was staying to have a baby and I was so excited!

We arrived at the hospital 11:35 am. By 1 pm the doctor came and broke by water. I wanted to go natural but i’m a pansy so I asked for an epidural the moment the contractions became to painful. Had I waited another minute it probably would have been too late for one. Even though it only worked on my left side. So I still had to labor with the pain of the contractions and let me just say, only one side working made the contractions that much more painful and excruciating! The anesthesiologist came back in to add something to my epidural. I didn’t think it was working because I still had another 4 very painful contractions. Then I started to feel better. That moment the doctor came back in to see how far I had progressed and I was fully dilated and ready to push. Since I was VBAC they asked if I could hold off pushing because I had to wait for my doctor to arrive. I’m glad I did. The doctor who delivered Viv works in the same practice as mine and she was amazing! As she was getting ready to help me deliver Viv, I noticed V’s heart rate began to drop. I asked Dr. M if she was okay and THANK GOODNESS she lied to me and said everything was fine but we needed to start pushing. So after I pushed twice, she had me stop for a split second and I realized she was unwrapping the cord from around Viv’s neck. OMG I am so surprised I didn’t panic. Then again, It was all happening so fast I don’t think I had the time. After she did unwrap the cord, she told me to push again and that is when our little princess literally blasted her way into this world. I did it! I had a successful VBAC and I got to experience holding my baby the moment she was born and It was the best feeling in the world.



Photo Cred: Janell Raymond Photography





Recently, my sweet and oh so talented friend Sandra from Blue Velvet Images took my maternity portraits as well as some of the family.

I’m just dying to share as they turned out so amazing like I knew they would!

I can’t believe this week I will officially be in my third trimester! Boy does the 2nd time around fly by so fast! I feel like we just found out! In 87 days or less we will be welcoming our sweet baby girl!

I can tell she’s going to be a feisty one.


Working on a little girl’s nursery has been so much fun!  I was originally waiting to decorate my son’s big boy room but we are still waiting on one piece of furniture to be delivered.

Thankfully, it will be here tomorrow, so there will be a few posts related to me working on my son’s room coming up soon!

To get back on topic…


I was so excited when we learned we were going to be welcoming a beautiful little baby girl come October.  I couldn’t wait to start thinking up how I wanted to decorate her nursery.

When deciding one what I wanted to do, I knew I wanted it to be girly but not theme heavy. I definitely didn’t want crazy pinks either.  If you’ve been following my home tour posts, you’ll have noticed that I prefer a more airy color palette, light and clean.

I didn’t have a set plan for the nursery but I started adding elements of things I liked. It just fell into place on it’s own.

It isn’t yet 100% finished but I am one step away from saying that I am done 🙂 So for now here is what I have.

Baby VBaby VBaby VBaby VBaby VMy Aunt knitted this beautiful SUPER soft blanket for baby girl! I love it so much! She will love it too!Baby VI am still deciding on what to hang on the wall above the crib. Let me know your thoughts!Baby VBaby V


It’s always the greatest feeling when your friend who is also an amazing photographer entrusts you to take their photos for them. My beautiful friend Sandra along with her son Roman and I got together for a quick little mini session. We had such a blast in that short little time, I can’t wait to do it again!


Here are some of the images captured!


We are having a girl! Our family of 3 is becoming a family of 4 and we can’t wait to meet our little miss!

While waiting for her arrival, I have slowly began work on her nursery.

When it came to deciding how to decorate the nursery, I wanted to go with what made me want to spend time in there. My entire house has a light and airy feel to it and that’s what makes me happy so I continued with that into the nursery.

We had originally painted the room that we designated for the new nursery a reflecting pool gray by behr when we had bought this house.  It has a bluish tone to it so we new we’d have to paint again to give the room a more girly feel.  I wanted a white paint with a oh so very slight pinkish undertone to it, and that’s how we found Marshmallow from Sherwin Williams.

It is BEAUTIFUL! The paint color looks amazing without being so pink!



We are so excited that we will be welcoming a…





Can you believe it??!?!?! We are so thrilled!

The Luu family are repeat clients and I love working with them! I am so humbled that they asked me to photograph their beautiful family again! Here are some images from their session! Enjoy!

Yates Cider Mill Luu Family PortraitsYates Cider Mill Luu Family PortraitsYates Cider Mill Luu Family PortraitsYates Cider Mill Luu Family PortraitsYates Cider Mill Luu Family Portraits2_0006Yates Cider Mill Luu Family PortraitsYates Cider Mill Luu Family PortraitsYates Cider Mill Luu Family PortraitsYates Cider Mill Luu Family PortraitsYates Cider Mill Luu Family Portraits