2nd Shooting + Sarah Kossuch Photography

When I first moved to Michigan, I knew that the way to build clientele in this market would be to network and meet with other Photographers, as well as assisting and 2nd shooting for them. However, my shyness got in the way of that. For the first couple of years since moving here, I depended on word of mouth and Facebook. That alone was not enough. So with some gathered courage I started emailing photographers that I admired. Asking to help them out so that I could gain more experience. After being turned away several times, I gave up on really trying. I felt defeated and embarrassed. I felt like I wasn’t good enough. That I was a no talent loser. I would continue photographing family and friends as they would allow me to for free and practice shooting random objects around the house and in my backyard. I even got a big girl job and hated it. It left me no time to do what I really loved… Photography.

One day last summer, I happened to feel very motivated so I asked a talented local photographer If she was looking for another 2nd shooter or assistant, that I was willing to work for free. Her name? Sarah Kossuch, Owner of Sarah Kossuch Photography.

To my surprise, she said she already had her 2nds for the year but she would consider me for the following year. I was thrilled, yet skeptical. Was this her way of putting me off? Nope! In fact, this year is my first year 2nd shooting with her. I have shot 3 weddings with Sarah, and I have learned a lot and in the process made a great new friend. I see why Sarah’s clients hired her. She is very creative and has fun while working with her clients while staying professional at all times. She has been a great mentor and I look forward to learning and helping out when needed 🙂

Here are some photos I’ve captured behind the scenes as well as a couple shots from the weddings I 2nd shot for her.

Thank you Sarah for giving me a chance.



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