How I Photographed Myself With My Husband

Over the Labor Day Weekend, My husband and I along with his family drove up North to Beal City, Michigan. Every year the Knights of Columbus in this small town hosts a Chicken Dinner BBQ.  A couple months ago, we unfortunately lost a great man in our lives. His name is Richard Blind. He is Jake’s Grandfather. Every year for Labor Day weekend we would all go up North to spend time with him. I remember last year he had me follow him around his Walnut trees pointing out every single walnut that he could find. He even insisted I photographed each and every one. Let’s just say I have a million photos of walnuts growing on those trees. I even managed to get a few of him in front of his trees.

This year, The family decided to uphold tradition and go up to Grandpa’s Farm. This year I just kept thinking about how if Grandpa were here, he would probably be pointing out all the walnuts again. So to commemorate his memory, I decided Jake and I should have our photos in front of the trees as well!

Here is how I photographed the two of us without being behind the camera.

I set my camera up on my light stand.

Then I used this remote trigger to snap the images!

This photo is just to add a touch of cuteness!

Thor (left) is my Pomeranian. He is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet! Jasmine (right) is my Mother in Law’s Papillon She’s sweet too.

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  • Amanda Dumouchelle

    Cool! I love my tripod shoots with my husband as well! I didn’t know you could put your camera on a light stand? You will have to show me how that is done! 😉 cute pics

    • Thank you! Yes, I didn’t know that as well until I realized I didn’t have my attachment for the tripod with me. I figured if I could mount the hotshoe adapter to my stand My camera might fit too… I need to practice a little more with it as I am still awkward with posing ourselves lol.