Inside My Soul + Random Thoughts and Feelings

* I miss my husband. He has been away on business, but he returns today. I even made an effort to look pretty today for when he gets home. I can’t wait till he is here!


* Happy Birthday to my good friend Kristina!


* I hate laundry. I don’t mind throwing stuff in the washer and dryer, it’s the folding and hanging part I hate. Let’s call it Lazyitus.


* I’m tired of living in this Apartment. I miss our house. Not the actual house but living in a house. I hated our old house. Still do. We sold it so we could live closer to where Jake works. + side is we are saving money – side is this apartment is too small. Time to get serious about buying/building a new home.

* It’s beautiful outside. I think a photo shoot is necessary. I need a couple to photograph today. Any Volunteers?

* I’m tired of not feeling beautiful unless I do my hair and makeup to disguise the weight gain. I need to be more motivated to lose the weight that I’ve put on since moving to Michigan. I also need to figure out why I get nauseous and dizzy at the beginning of all my workouts with my trainer.

* I miss Petri, I was walking Thor today and thought of him. I hope he is living the life in doggy heaven. He was the best cuddler ever.


* I want to go shopping with Jasmine Star. She has great style. Watching some courses I bought on Creative live. She is such a great teacher. I am learning so much! The dynamic between Jasmine & JD remind me a lot of how Jake and I are. Its crazy how we as people are so much a like yet so different.


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