Macarons And Doing A Happy Dance

You know that moment when something magical and fantastic happens to you and you can’t help but to break down and do the “happy dance”? Well, I had that moment when I gathered up some courage and began my first attempt and making french macarons. Would you believe me if I said they came out PERFECT the first go around? Yep! I am as shocked as you are! So for proof, here you go! And yes I will eat all of these and maybe share with my husband while you drool over how amazingly delicious these are. 🙂

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  • Jeremy Cove

    Yep, just walked by a bakery here in Paris this afternoon and they look exactly like the ones in the window!

  • They look as perfect as if they were in a display at a cafe!
    I want to lick the spatula! Gorgeous!