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I’m Mrs Kim Blind now! Betcha can’t pronounce my new last name correctly! It’s okay though! All is forgiven.

Can you guess the number 1 question people ask you when you are a wedding photographer about to tie the knot yourself?

You guessed it! “So who will you have photograph your wedding?” or some variation of the question.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the above question! For us, We hired the ever so talented Kristina Graves of Kristina Gaines Photography of Moore, Oklahoma!

Another question I was asked frequently, “How hard was it to find  the perfect photographer?”.

Answer? Not hard at all. Especially because I am the kind of gal that knows exactly what I wanted and Kristina offered it! As  you will see below, she is an amazing photographer. We couldn’t be any happier with how she captured our amazing day!

We have been browsing through our final delivered images today and squealing, laughing, oohing, and ahhing over our photos! It brought back memories of our day and so now you get to read about me reminiscing!

June 22, 2013, there was a 40% chance for storms. Could you imagine how crazy I must have been?

(rewind to Monday June, 17th)

The week of our wedding could have been enough to put even the sanest of person in an insane asylum!

Our Monday began with us noticing that our dog Petri was looking mighty bloated. He looked like he had swallowed a bowling ball! We took him to the vet to learn that he had an enlarged liver and spleen as well us fluid build up. There were only a couple possibilities to what it could have been that caused that. Infection or Cancer. We couldn’t afford to allow the vet to test Petri for Cancer so we blindly treated him for an infection, hoping and praying that was the issue and the antibiotics would make him all better.

Monday was also the day that some issues came up with the flower girl dresses… well they had come up before that but my husband decided it was best if I didn’t know about it so I wouldn’t stress… Then I found out about it….and really stressed out.

Tuesday started out better. We went to the Detroit Tigers baseball game and had a great time with family. Then wouldn’t you know it? Our transmission on our car decided to take a big fat dump on us while we were driving home from the game! As luck would have it, we were only 100 miles from our warranty being voided!  So $400 later we had a beautiful rental!

So you think everything happens its threes right?

Wednesday we were feeling just a little bit of relief that it should be smooth sailing from there right? WRONG! Wednesday tricked us.

Thursday, Jake’s grandfather had a stroke. Two days before our wedding! It took a lot not to want to postpone the wedding at this point as we really wanted grandpa to be there and we knew he wanted to be there.

Wedding day came along and I was ready!

Ready to see my husband to be!

As crazy as our week was leading up to the wedding, most would think were were just a half step on the plank away from going off the deep end.

Kathy, our event coordinator/manager for Fore Lakes Golf Club mention the chance of rain to be while we were getting ready. Like any bride would, I worried a little on the inside and tried not to show it and told Kathy that God does not hate us enough to make it rain during our ceremony after the week we had. I knew in my heart that he would give us a beautiful wedding day.

There were things that went wrong on our wedding day but things I didn’t notice or even cared about.

Everyone would ask me how I was doing and I was fine, just anticipating the moment I got to say “I Do” to the love of my life.

I never realized until our group photos that they were asking because they wanted to know if I had somehow known that one of the groomsmen was MIA because he was in Jail.

My silly husband was afraid I was at that moment going to notice so he decided to spill the beans… I then told him I was on so much of a natural happy high that I wouldn’t have even noticed if Brad Pitt showed up at our wedding.

All in all, it was a perfect day, as perfect as it could be and we had a blast!

It didn’t rain, except for during my dad’s speech while everyone was in tears, and we had the Super Moon to! (Apparently the super moon won’t happen again for another 20 years) I must research that.

One of our ushers stepped in as a groomsman (lucky i had them wear a tux too) and our good friend Matt stepped in as Usher…even though he wasn’t wearing a tux he looked pretty dapper!

So here they are the beautiful moments KGP captured of our wedding day!

 Photographer: Kristina Gaines Photography

Venue: Fore Lakes Golf Club | Kimball, Michigan  Wedding Dress: Alessandra Bridal | Sophia Tolli
Bride’s Shoes: Vince Camuto
Flowers: “I Do” Flowers by Nanette Clare
DJ: DJ Joe Miller | A+ Entertainment
Tuxedos: Mens Wearhouse | 19 & Schoenherr | Vera Wang
Cinematographer: Lee Thomas Films




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