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Yesterday, I started seeing people list of things about their pregnancy on Facebook. I was given the number 3 but didn’t feel like 3 was enough.

So here I will list those 3 that I mentioned as well as a bit more.


8 Facts About My Pregnancy

1. We found out I was pregnant at about my 4 week mark purely by accident. It came as a shock but a nice surprise.

2. I am 11 weeks and still crazy nauseous… my morning sickness hit at about 5 1/2 weeks and has been more like ALL DAY SICKNESS.

3. I am due June 25th. 3 days after our wedding anniversary. I am hoping the baby will be a week early or a week late. My dad says he hopes the baby is more like a couple weeks late so that it will be born on my Grandpa’s bday.

4. We have both a boy and girl name picked out. We will hopefully find out in January what we will be having.

5. My cravings have so far included… Watermelon….lots of it…as well as any kind of fruit really… and Korean food. Mainly Kimchi Jigae, or Soon dubu Jigae which is both a spicy Korean soup…. Luckily not too much heartburn yet. I also crave sushi…but I can’t have it 🙁 at least not the kind that sounds absolutely phenomenal to me.

6. I  used to love a good steak medium rare, but it seems that anything beef has become my worst enemy. I hope it doesn’t stay that way after I have this baby.

7. I have had some pretty bad mood swings…and find myself apologizing to my sweet husband for having to deal with said mood swings.

8. We were going to wait till Thanksgiving to tell our parents and siblings, and Christmas to announce to everyone else, but when we went out with a couple of friends, I found it difficult to stop smiling over my secret. We ended up spilling the beans to them and later that evening told our parents and siblings.


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