The Moment My Mother Told Me She Believes In Me

Growing up, I was notorious for starting a hobby, or joining the high school track and soccer team then quitting because “I couldn’t do it” or “I don’t get it” or “The coach yelled at me” whatever my excuse was I found a way out even if it was my idea to start.

So when I found myself wanting to learn more on the art of photography, it was expected that my parents figured I would eventually quit that too.

How to begin describing my Mother…

She is a 4’11 stereotypical Korean lady… I’m not even kidding! Right down to owning not just one but two of those gas station/convenience stores that stocks grills and other random items that don’t sell…. and I am not talking about the kind you BBQ on. I am speaking of those gold, jewel studded mouth decor that rappers like to wear. At least they did a couple years ago. Not sure if they are still considered “cool” or not but you get what I am saying.  At least I hope you did.

She is also stubborn, which makes sense since she’s a Taurus. When she’s talking, she’s actually yelling, and when she is mad at you in public she is speaking Korean in a calm tone but really she’s yelling.

My mom doesn’t compliment too often. Usually, she’s telling us if we look too skinny and need to eat a sandwich or maybe need to loose a pound or two. Sometimes it’s “you looking beautiful just the way you are”, but that’s a rare one.  Granted, my sister and I always know that our mom loves us in her own weird way.

It wasn’t until two weeks ago, I began my impromptu vacation to Oklahoma.

You see, I haven’t always lived in Michigan. I was born and raised in a small town in Oklahoma. Although my Dad is a born and breed Michigander, it wasn’t until I met my husband that I moved North.

I had decided Instead of relaxing a week straight, I would offer photographing potential clients while I was in town. I did need to build on my portfolio so I thought it was perfect opportunity.

My mom wasn’t too thrilled about my random visit to Oklahoma, seeing as how my husband and I just got married in June. She felt that we should save our money and not travel so soon. What she didn’t realize, Dad helped pay for hubby and I to fly out.

Once in Oklahoma, I knew she was happy to see me. I mean I am her daughter after all.

That is when, for the first time in my life, My Mom pulled me aside and told me she believed in me. She believed in my talents as a photographer and wants to see me succeed, and I can’t even tell you how overcome with emotion I felt to hear those words come out of her mouth. It was music to my ears!

She even gave me a sizable “loan” to put towards whatever I needed in relation to photography. This came as a shock to me considering my mom is very frugal. So frugal that growing up when it came time to go school clothes shopping, she wouldn’t let us buy anything that wasn’t on sale for at least 50% off.

I really wish I had a sixth sense of knowing to hit the record button when she told me those words that I wanted to hear so badly from her. That way I would have the proof.

My relationship with my mother has come a long way from what it used to be. We fought like cats and dogs throughout my younger teenage years, but when I look back on the things we fought about or disagreed on, she always had my best interest at heart. She wanted to see me succeed in whatever career my dreams lead me to. Even though she secretly wanted me to become a doctor or a lawyer.

Thank you Mom, for believing in me. You have given me the motivational push I need to continue to follow my dreams and become the best photographer that I can be. I love you.

This is a photo taken with my iphone of my mother and I on my wedding day.

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