Vivienne’s Floral Cinderella-esque Birthday Party

I’m not even sure where to begin.

My baby girl is ONE! How the heck did that happen so quickly? I swear all I did was blink!

Planning the party was so much fun, She’s my last baby AND she’s my little girl so I went a little overboard.

I knew I wanted to incorporate her fall birthday into a theme without being too cliche.

I love pumpkins especially the white ones and the “princess” pumpkins that have recently become so popular. So I decided to add pretty florals and call it a Cinderella-esque party fit for a princess!

I began the planning stages around the time that V was 6 months old. I slowly started gathering supplies to make my vision for her party a reality.

I thought I could do it all, including the photography, but I was having so much fun celebrating my daughter the only images I remembered to take were the details and just a couple of the family. My awesome brother in-law stepped in and photographed the cake smash portion so we could be present in the moment with our little girl.  Anyhow, Ill explain the details after you check out these images from the party!

They may be a little out of order, but what the hey…


Viv LOVES here Auntie so much!

Auntie is standing just out of the the frame (FREAKING OUT) just in case V decides to jump.


Can I just say how PERFECTLY IMPERFECT this beautiful princess pumpkin is? I’m obsessed!


I have to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to my wonderful cousin Sarah from @stichesandswirls (instagram) for this beautiful welcome sign she custom painted for my little lady! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!So the white high chair was a last min decision. I wanted a pretty white high chair for photo purposes so I went on the hunt for one that I could paint TWO….TWO! DAYS BEFORE her party.  Yea, I’m a little bit of a nut case. I was so lucky to find this one locally for only $30! Throw in the cost of paint and Voila! You have a beautiful high chair that you decide you will love more than your ridiculously expensive one that is no where near as pretty.


Oh the S’mores Bar! This was a plan turned back up plan. Original plan was for us to have the fire pit blazing during our FALL party. However unlike most years, this fall season has so far been more like summer. Viv’s party day was a day of BEAUTIFUL 80 degree weather mixed with lots of wind! So I decided to make a couple indoor fire pits for some Smore lovin!

These boys! They had us laughing all throughout the party! So silly! Did I mention these 3 helped themselves to the candy?

When we celebrated Easton’s 1st Birthday, he did not like his cake one bit! He actually gagged when he took his first bite!  V on the other hand, she LOVED her cake. She was not shy about getting into it. We like to call her the garbage disposal because she loves food. She eats so much yet she’s still so petite. (like 2nd percentile for both height and weight petite) She’s growing at her own pace. It drives me crazy that she isn’t bigger but as long as our amazing pediatrician isn’t worried, I am happy.

Oh the beautiful cakes! I AM IN LOVE! Her smash cake  was a chocolate with a chocolate ganache filling and chocolate buttercream. Schepperley family tradition is to have chocolate smash cake for the 1st birthday. Our family has been doing this since BEFORE it became the popular thing to do.Can I just say how AHHHMAZING sams club cupcakes are? THE BEST!

So what do you think?



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  • Donna

    Everything looks beautiful! Thank goodness there are pictures of her wonderful event so she will know what a wonderful day it was. I was so disappointed I was unable to be there. We were passing around a nasty cold up here and it’s my turn. Hoping today is the worst, not the best Birthday present. Oh well.

    • Thank you Donna! Hope you felt better in time for your Birthday!

  • Amy

    I CAN’T HANDLE how gorgeous this party was! Everything looks absolutely perfect and you have captured all the details so beautifully! You little one is truly lucky to have such a talented mama!! Stunning!!!!!

    • Kim

      Thank you! <3

  • Karen

    I love this theme! So cute and minimalist. I love her cake topper! You did a great job

  • Meagan Emmons

    Beautiful party and I love the smore bar idea!

  • ohmummymia

    Se looked gorgeous and that crown is the cutest! lovely birthday party she is a real princess

  • Happy birthday girl!!! All the pics a wonderful…and I must say you have a wonderful family

  • Wow, everything looks amazing!! Good job mama! And what a seeet girl, happy birthday to her!