When Life Knocks You Down Get Back Up And Fight!

This year has be a crazy roller coaster of emotions good and bad, followed by a lot of “why me’s”.

It seemed like luck or good fortune or whatever it may be was not on our side. Before I began dedicating myself to full time photography, I had a job that was helping to pay the bills. Our jobs required us to drive so much that we were spending $1200+ on fuel each month! That’s enough for another mortgage! Can you believe that? So we decided to sell our house and move closer to work. Lets just say we will never make the mistake of doing business with friends again that’s for sure. Or shall I say my husband will now just say  “okay hunny your plan is the smarter one”, instead of “you were right babe.” Two weeks after moving I was fired from my job. The company actually used “at will” on me! Can you believe it? Just a couple months shy of our wedding! Go figure.  So here you have it 3 out of 5 major stresses in life and we were going through them all at once. Selling our house and moving, Wedding Planning, Losing Job. Wow! just wow!

You would think after getting knocked down so many times and going through so much stress that we would fall apart. We didn’t. It was difficult to keep our heads up and pretend that everything was okay but as long as we kept telling ourselves and each other that things would get better we were able to push ourselves one more day each day.

Looking back on the first half of this year, I realize that we all go through it. One way or another. It’s how we deal with the pressure and stresses of life that determine how we come out of it. We happen to be coming out on top!

Last night I finally gathered the courage to submit to a range of publications. Well guess what?, I have thus far been accepted by two! online publications! This was exactly what I needed. A huge burst of motivation and swift kick in the butt to work hard and confidently to reach my goals as a photographer. With all that is going on in our life at the current moment, I know that as long as we never give up we will reach whatever goal we have set for ourselves and each other and together we can conquer the world!  (and medicine ball knee tucks) <— My trainer Sara would appreciate that.



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