Why 2014 Is Going To Be A Great Year!

Thanksgiving, My husband and I announced that we will be welcoming a beautiful baby to our family June this year.

We are so beyond excited! At first though, not so much. I was plagued by what we like to call Morning Sickness… but let me tell you… It was morning, day and, night sickness! Finally, I can proudly say that my All day sickness has subsided and is pretty much non existent. (Thank you Jesus!)

A lot is going on here as we are preparing for Baby “B”‘s arrival and I am still booking portrait sessions and weddings.

SO… if you or someone you know recently got engaged or you just need to schedule some fun portraits I am booking!

Meanwhile during our free time, Jake and I are house hunting, eating… A LOT, and enjoying this pregnancy.

We find out Monday if Baby “B” is going to be a “He or She”! Let me tell you…this anticipation of finding out is making me have super high anxiety issues!

Which opens up to the fact that I will be putting together details for a contest to see what everyone thinks Baby “B” will be! Boy or Girl (hint* prizes will include a complimentary portrait session)

So what does this post have to do with the title? Everything!

Here is 10 Reasons this is going to be a GREAT YEAR!

1. We are having a baby! DUH!
2. We will be buying a house….as soon as we find one worthy enough
3. I can eat whatever I want without being judged 🙂
4. My mom is going to be flying up when the baby decides to make an appearance (ill def. need the help)
5. My husband and I get to celebrate our 1 year anniversary!
6. Making new friends! Continuing to love our true friends! And celebrating that we don’t have to deal w/ fake friends
7. Weddings, Bridal showers, and Baby Showers oh my! (Attending as guest and working as photographer!)
8. God is great every year!
9. Revenge is back on
10. Getting out of this crappy apartment. (although when it snows they make sure I have a snow/ice free path to my car. Wishing they would fix my dryer though… i’d like for it not to take 5 runs of the dryer tubmling to get each load of laundry done.)

5 Random Facts*

1. I used my hair dryer to finish drying my outfit for the day today.
2. Baby “B”s heart rate was 144bpm today
3. I constantly crave SPICY food… spicier the better (no i don’t get heartburn from it)
4. I do get heartburn from sweets (weird…I know)
5. I’m craving watermelon.



And here is a photo of what my bump looks like so far…


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  • Donna

    IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!