Carter | 1 Year Session

Before having my first child, photographing children was something that I didn’t find myself interested in, unless it was for family and friends. Once Easton was born, I quickly changed my mindset. One of my good friends and I went through our pregnancies together and our boys were born 2 weeks apart from each other. I was super excited when my friend asked me to take her son’s 1 year photos. We do spend a lot of time with them so it was definitely something I wanted to do for them. I love how they turned out. In fact, my favorite images are actually out takes! lol

Carter is such a sweet, funny, and loveable little boy, he brings so much joy to his family and friends. His smiles and giggles are infectious and I am happy that my son gets to grow up with him as his friend!  Happy Birthday Mr. Carter! We love you! xoxo



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