Northville Fall Newly Weds Session | Courtney + Jack

Happy Friday Everyone!

Just this past fall, Courtney and her Husband Jack volunteered to get cozy and model for me so that Heather Zara & Eric Kuzma from Zara Creative could film me while doing what I do best! Photographing Love!

Courtney and Jack are the epitome of CUTEST COUPLE EVER!

They were so kind not to just volunteer themselves but their lovely home for the shoot as well. It was perfect!

Jack owns his own landscaping business Called Imagine. Him and his team are very talented at creating GORGEOUS outdoor living spaces but also turning drab homes into stunning showpieces! I definitely cannot wait to find a house so that we can have him work his magic on our future home!

I posted the final cut of my promo video here, if you pay close attention, you will see glimpses of Jack’s amazing work on their own home!




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