Michigan Newborn | Kendall Michelle

One of my really close friends and her family recently welcomed a beautiful little girl to their family.

I usually shy away from newborn photography as 1. I don’t have patience for it. 2. I am not very good at it. 3. Just don’t like to do them.

I’ve done only a handful for this reason.

I did however photograph the in hospital session. I wouldn’t necessarily call it birth photography as I wasn’t in the room for the actual delivery. Like myself and my husband when Viv was born, Kristina and Matt felt that was a more intimate private part of the birth process that they wanted to keep between the two of them.

I was however, able to document the labor process as well as the lovely moments when the rest of the family got to meet Kendall for the first time.

Although Kristina had already lined up a newborn photographer for Kendall, it fell through and I told her I could step in as long as she understood whatever I did would suck in comparison. *bites nails

Like I said above…newborn photography not my forte.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised at how well they actually turned out.

I would have to say they are my favorite to date. Considering I never was really good at them.

Anyhow, I’m so excited to share the results with you! I’m thrilled that they came out better than I imagined. I wanted more than anything for Kristina to have photos of her little girl that she could be proud of sharing with family and friends.

So here they are! I would love to know what you think (No flattery necessary… just be honest! I can handle it)

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